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The human nose might not be as well-developed as our canine brethren, but there is no doubt that scent plays a huge role in our lives by creating romance (with roses), making us feel at home (with fresh-baked cookies) or just keeping us alive in general (not eating the smelly cottage cheese). Scent can also be powerful in determining how productive we are in our Advanced Modular commercial buildings at work. If you manage an office or own your own small business, you might consider lightly scenting the communal workspace with some of these lovely smells.

  1. Peppermint. Sweet yet sharp (just like your best employees) peppermint has long been recognized as a brain-boosting scent that helps clear the mind of mental clutter and promotes focus. One clever way to introduce peppermint into the office is to place bowls of peppermint candy in common areas. You could also order peppermint-scented Chap Stick with the company logo.
  2. Orange. Oranges have such a bright flavor and a generally positive connotation (think: the streets of sunny Sevilla, Spain, which are lined with orange trees), it’s no wonder the mere scent can work as an energy booster. Fresh is superior to anything manufactured, so consider putting a bowl of oranges in the break room for employees to snack on, or keep orange-scented oil in the restrooms.
  3. Lemon.Another sweet citrus scent, lemon has the ability to soothe raw nerves, calm anger, de-stress and reinvigorate. That makes it pretty perfect for the typical office day, when if Milton clicks his pen one more time you are fairly certain Susan is going to throw him out a window.
  4. Basil. If you have an Italian mother who never forgets the last time you made time to call her, perhaps it’s because of all the basil she cooks with. Basil can help improve memory, even in moments of extreme fatigue or stress. Consider getting a few potted plants to keep in the window sills and let employees pick it to add to their lunches.

    Increasing productivity takes more creativity and finesse than a whip-cracking hand. Consider using aromatherapy to your benefit!